The Soundtrack of our Lives

It has been interesting to me how important music has become to our family since we moved to Curahuasi. We have always enjoyed music, like almost everyone I am sure. However when we came here, with all the strangeness and culture shock, we found a new importance for music in how we managed our emotions through the transition. You might think as a missionary family that Christian music would be encouraging to us, and it is. Through some Facebook recommendations we have come to really enjoy Rend Collective Experiment, Ghost Ship, and Josh Garrels. Martin Smith and Delirious?, Michael W. Smith, and others are again on our frequent playlist. However, what has been a bit of a surprise to me is how we have all enjoyed old pop music and classic rock and roll, and how these older songs have brought comfort to our family. I think for me it reminds me of the peace of childhood and in some way makes me feel peaceful now. I had a really great childhood. Thanks Mom and Dad. Our kids have quickly memorized most of Michael Jackson’s best known songs. Peter is especially into Coldplay and U2. David prefers Sting and The Police. We all enjoy a little Elvis and The Beatles. The girls enjoy Phil Collins, especially Sussudio. And the songs of the movie “Frozen” are constantly sung, word for word, by our kids. Its comfort music, a little like comfort food. It makes the soul feel full and well cared for.

As we are all U2 fans in our house, we are looking forward to the new album coming out soon. In the anticipation of the new album I was pleased to find this link to their recent performance on The Tonight Show. I only watched a bit, because the internet cannot stream it fast enough, but I saw enough to enjoy the visuals and to look forward to what I hope is a good album. If you have recommendations of new albums or artists, let us know. We will check them out and make them part of the background music of our lives.

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