The Dog

Sarah and her dog.

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Dogs are funny animals. Chardonnay is our new dog, and she came with the house. She seems to have her favorites already. Will wins with C always coming to him preferentially to all the others in the family. Next seems to come David or Allison and then she defers to individuals based on age. How she does that is not clear, but we wonder if it is how deep a voice a person has or their size. So Sarah likes to take C on walks by herself so the she can get all the dog love and attention given only to her. Two or three times a day she will come in and ask if she can take C for a walk. She puts on the leash so C knows it is OK to leave and off they go. Sarah seems to really be liking life here, although she has had some fears because of all the concerns of violence around the Kenyan presidential elections. She is outside all the time. She loves on the dog and the chickens. She loves collecting their eggs. She checks on the monkeys. She looks at all the birds. She is studying the flowers. I am glad she is here, and I especially like to see her smile next to her dog Chardonnay.


Peter took these pictures when he was carrying trash to the caged cans that are supposed to be "monkey proof". Instead he found the monkeys eating the trash.

Things that are Different

  1. Everyone is outside all of the time. Peter loves video games and his personal electronic devices. But now he spends more time working on his blow dart gun and sharpening his throwing knife than watching YouTube videos.
  2. David was out until 10:30 last night with some of his new 9th grade friends. They were unsupervised roaming through the Rift Valley Academy and Kijabe Hospital Mission station grounds. Today they may go on a hike together. Earlier this week, Annie was out until 9 with her 6th grade friends doing the same. It is dark here at 6 PM. So the kids have a lot of freedom to discover their own fun.
  3. Elections are a big deal in Kenya, and everyone is nervous about violence. Until the election is settled, no one will feel very peaceful. Please pray for Kenya.
  4. It is cold at night and in the early morning which means every night I build a fire in the fireplace so that it is ready to go and easily lit in the morning to warm the house. Unfortunately my fire building skills are a bit rusty, and sometimes it takes a few tries.
  5. There are so many animals. We have monkeys, baboons, and lots of beautiful birds around us all the time.
  6. There is no fast food or easy food, which means we are all moving down a pant size after just one week. Yeah for Africa! 🙂
  7. Learning to live at 7500 feet means being willing to be short of breath . . . a lot!
  8. Kids love having a dog.

We are doing well. God bless you, and pray for us as we continue to learn about our new home.

Everyday to warm the house.

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Scenes While Walking in the Morning

I was telling Allison that we live in the best type of neighborhood. Every house has the same basic “L” shape which is weird and charming in a way. If I get up and walk in the morning I see the old people enjoying the relative coolness on their front porches, smoking cigarettes and just watching the people pass. They all wave. I can go around a corner and someone has a yard full of lawn decorations or lots of potted planted that bring them pleasure. There is no HOA to stop them from enjoying themselves with their own style. No one is super poor. No one appears very rich. Everyone is very common in the very best way. We have people from Mexico, African Americans, Asians, and white Americans living together looking for the American dream as best it exists. I am so thankful to First Baptist Church Richardson that let us rent this house for the past 7 months. It was the greatest of blessings to us!

We leave for Africa tomorrow! We will let you know how it is on the other side of the world in a few days.


I remember when they used to try and make minivans look like custom vans. I drove one of them to my Senior prom with 5 good friends. Forget the Limo. Go in a custom mini van!


Clearly this person loves to grow plants!

Only in America

Only 10 more days until we leave. QT has become one of my favorite places. If you don’t know why you haven’t been. QuikTrip has been my friend through many thousands of miles of travel over the past six months. And I will miss her and her many coffees, breakfast foods, hot dog variations, slushes, slurpees, candies, hot foods, cold foods, ice cream variations, huge fountain drinks, and friendly staff. Good bye QuikTrip. Goodbye.

Holding tight . . .

to the last days of summer in Dallas! I haven’t felt heat like this in years. With 11 days to go we will try to enjoy it deeply even while we pack. I hope you are enjoying your own summer!

Thankful for grandparent’s pools.