Love Does Make a Good Read

If you are looking for an inspirational book, I’ve got one for you: Love Does by Bob Goff. Goff_Love_Does__89653_zoomWill read it first, of course, and he kept reading me little parts and saying, “This guy is crazy!” I have to admit that I hardly ever finish any book that falls into the category “Christian Living” unless I am accountable to a book club, but Will assured me that this book was highly entertaining and he was right.

Bob Goff is one of those “to the beat of his own drum” individuals who also has a passion for serving the Lord. Each chapter tells a crazy story from his life which he uses to illustrate a spiritual principle he learned. Here are a few quotes: “‘You’ve only got about a dime’s worth of life now. Come and trade up, come follow Me, and you can know God.’ In that sense, Jesus isn’t requesting a sacrifice at all. He’s asking us to play Bigger and Better, where we give up ourselves and end up with Him.”

“I think life is like that banquet Jesus talked about. I think God sends out His messengers to tell everybody there’s plenty of room and there’s free food and conversation and adventure and a wonderful and generous host who has invited us by name… He keeps saying there’s more room to those who really want to be invited to where He is.”

In talking about serving behind the scenes, he says, “We all get a chance to be awesome if we want to be. Not surprisingly, the way to do it best is by being secretly incredible.” We’ve been telling our kids to “be awesome.”

This book made me want to know Jesus the way He truly is. It made me thankful for all the people in my life who have shown me their love by their deeds. It made me want to do something really challenging and outside of myself. It made me give myself a new job title and start praying differently. It is so positive and makes following Christ so exciting that you want to jump in and join the party. It deserves a yearly re-read– I have been snickering anew as look through it, writing this book report! Do yourself a favor and download it or order it or find it or borrow it, read it, then let Will and I know what your favorite part was.

2 thoughts on “Love Does Make a Good Read

  1. I was especially challenged by the “Be Awesome” part. Bob is talking about how we spend creating a doctrinal statement or a mission statement, and then ends the discussion by saying in affect “I have got a Christian mission statement for you ‘Be Awesome!’.” Instead of wearing a WWJD bracelet, we should have a t-shirt under our clothes that no one can see that says “BE AWESOME”. It is a great challenge to live a life that makes God attractive by the example of our lives. – Will


  2. Kyle just recommended “Love Does” to me yesterday. I guess I will read it. (and “My Utmost for his Highest” – read March 27 for reinforcement.)


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