Peter took these pictures when he was carrying trash to the caged cans that are supposed to be "monkey proof". Instead he found the monkeys eating the trash.

El Cumpleaños de Pedro

We celebrated at our favorite chicken dinner restaurant. Peter is a strong, musical, thoughtful, and sensitive young man. We are proud of him! Happy Birthday Peter! We are proud of you!

Feliz cumpleaños Peter!

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Another 6th Grade Graduation and In Praise of Scofield Christian School

We did not graduate from 5th or 6th or 8th or any grade except when we finished high school. Yet, I have to say I think these graduations can play a meaningful role in our kid’s lives. And the Scofield Christian School graduation was pretty special. The kids gave their testimonies, a local youth pastor gave them a challenge for high school, the kids gave roses to teachers that they appreciated, the 6th grade teacher gave a description of the character of every individual student, and then the principle described and thanked the parents of each student. Wow! Way to go Scofield! It is a sweet place. And we are thankful that they let our kids join in the middle of the year. It was where they attended before we left for Costa Rica and Peru, and it was a good place for them to attend on coming home. They remembered their friends, and their friends remembered them. It allowed them to readjust to an American schooling system in a friendly and safe environment with great Christian teachers who would not allow them to slip through the cracks. We love Scofield!

Peter is graduating . . . again.

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The Best Parts

We enjoyed some of the best parts of the Hill Country this last weekend. And those “best parts” were our friends. You can be anywhere and be content as long as your friends are there with you.

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El Jefe

Señor Pedro haciendo la tarea!.

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Working on memorizing the first amendment of the Constitution. There are lots of unusual words for a 12 year old.

Merry Christmas!


Feliz Nochebuena from our family to yours!

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Peter Promoción

Peter has successfully completed sexto grado at Colegio Diospi Suyana! He started three years ago in 4th grade, not hardly speaking a word of Spanish (in a school where not a single student or Peruvian teacher can speak English), and now he is a fluent Spanish speaker excelling in his classes (at least the ones that interest him). Can you imagine the challenge of changing schools, learning a new language, studying in a different type of educational setting while dealing with the stresses of living cross culturally? He is a champ! We are proud of you Peter.

Peter promoción

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