How are you?

How are you, friends, during this topsy turvy time? It is hard to imagine the places we love emptied of worshippers, groceries, patrons, and pedestrians. We pray that you have peace, confidence, and toilet paper.

A few of you have asked how we are. I am sorry that we have been such sporadic communicators on the blog. I confess that I forget to be grateful for all the people around the world who care about us and pray for us. I’m afraid I focus on the people and projects here in Kenya and I neglect to look around and give thanks for those who allow us to be here.

So, into the third paragraph, how are we? We are fine. Kenya is behind the curve, as it were, in the development of the coronavirus. We have a few cases, brought in by travelers, but it is not spread through community transmission yet. We don’t have a documented case in our hospital, but Will and the Kijabe Hospital staff are gearing up for the influx of patients. They are surprised at the relative calm thus far. Will has been watching lots of medical videos about treating COVID-19 and how to best use the available ventilators in the hospital.

Rift Valley Academy decided to end school two and a half weeks before our scheduled term break. There was a Herculean effort to get almost 300 dorm kids scheduled on planes, trains, and buses out of Kenya and to the countries where their families live with only 4 days’ notice. Amazing stories trickled in over the weekend of students’ flights being received only minutes before the border was closed, of students who were going to be quarantined in the airport, but some kindly official released them to their friends’ father, a medical missionary, and of arduous 40-hour bus rides that ended in successful border crossings.

The early closure meant that all junior and senior educational trips (called “Interims”) were cancelled, including mine to Spain. David was scheduled to go to Zanzibar, Tanzania. That was a tough blow to all the upperclassmen. The sudden closure meant the seniors had to say their goodbyes in a day or two, not knowing whether they would return from their country nor when. My heart goes out to these seniors whose lives are so full of change and transition anyway and then this unique kink in plans was added. One crazy story from a student whose parents have served in mostly closed countries is that she said that until now, RVA was the only place she had lived from which she had not been evacuated.

Right now, we teachers are knee-deep in tech training so that we can commence online classes with a hope to see our students face-to-face when God allows.

We had been looking forward to returning to the Christian Medical and Dental Association’s medical mission conference in Greece in April. It was a great place to connect with our fellow Christian Health Service Corps missionaries serving in East Africa, plus there was great food and it was fun to be in Europe. Of course, that is cancelled, much to the chagrin of the family.

For now, though, we are thankful for the beautiful weather, the community of fellow missionaries, the (so-far) stocked grocery stores in Nairobi, the people who have helped all of us make big decisions, the hand of God sustaining us.

Many of you are doing BSF, as am I (my class was already a video chat!), so I will leave you with a quote from this weeks’ lesson: “Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.” I Corinthians 15:58

Photos of recent shenanigans:

10 thoughts on “How are you?

  1. So good to hear from y’all! Love you Alli! Praying for you! I’m transitioning to on-line teaching too. Grace is a senior and it’s been really hard. She’s missing everything…prom, senior trip, graduation…
    Just sad…
    But she is going to Texas A & M and rooming w Sadie!! Can you believe ? Me and Ashlee’s girls are rooming together in college! How crazy is that??
    Love you girl!

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  2. Yes had been thinking of you all and praying on my days home after my last chemo–praying all was well and prayed for each family member! now figuring out how to do kindergarten remotely! ha! So good to hear and see the pictures and pray that the impact will be not as hard for all of you! always good to hear! know you all have a lot going on! blessings and prayers!

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  3. Thanks so much for the update and the photos! It’s always good to know what’s going on in your lives, but I’m sorry for the trips and time with friends that you’re missing. May God bless and keep you.

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  4. Thanks for your interesting post. I hope everyone stays well. Everyone here is OK and coping with the changes. Of course, we hope everything gets back to normal soon. Meanwhile, everyone is getting a little more savvy about technical matters. If spared from illness, there may be some blessings from it all.

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  5. enjoyed bounding into this post and reading the comments and responding to them, everything seemed so upbeat and genuine…..keep up with all thats happenning and all that’s being planned for the future…..God is well able to make all grace abound……


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