God at work

There is a Peruvian boy in our English speakers’ class who grew up spending several months in Curahuasi and several months in Miami, Florida every year of his life. This year his grandmom has been sick, so he and his mom stayed here in Curahuasi and enrolled him at Diospi Suyana School. Right away I could see that it was no accident that he was here in this place, at this time.  All the kids really like him (he is one of our boys’ best friends at school) and he is very bright, but more importantly, he has shown at first a spiritual curiosity, and now a spiritual hunger. His mom told me tonight that he wants to go to an after-school Bible study, that he always talks about what the Bible says, and that she sees a real change in him. Amazing! Praise God for His faithfulness to draw people unto Himself and for His mercy in letting us witness it.

3 thoughts on “God at work

  1. Will & Allison, thanks for the updates… your faithfulness and dedication are a source of encouragement to me in the little things I do here in the states…. nothing compared to your contribution to God’s Kingdom! Keep up the great work!


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