Where shall we live?

Would you pray with us for God to show us just where to move next year (or before)? We found a good house above town on a paved street and we moved on it, since there is a Western-style housing shortage brought on by the influx of foreigners. We have been working with the landlords to fix up the house and make it nice for our family. It is not at all ideal since we will not have any guest bedroom or extra space, and we do have visitors. We are thinking about renting the house next door when it empties next summer, but it will not be a completely seamless blending of houses (a pretty good level change).

This past week we had a difficult negotiation with the landlords. This makes us wonder, “Should we wait and see what comes available in the next few months? What does God have planned for us?” Right now, we cannot see another good option for our family, but God knows.

Please pray for Will and I to have wisdom and peace. We will have another meeting with the landlords tomorrow. It is not fun talking about money matters with people from another culture and language, especially if you suspect they are being less than wholly honest and hoping to make a lot of money off you. I am praying that we can all understand one another and have a good working relationship or dissolve the relationship peaceably. Thanks, friends.

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