Helado – Cas – Facebook

An example of some of the sillier types of conversations we have on the Facebook page for the Spanish Language Institute students is below.  The Spanish Language Institute Student Facebook page is private, and we use it to share prayer requests, questions regarding life in Costa Rica, as well as other needs.  Occasionally the conversation degenerates into conversations like below which are just silly, but mutually encouraging in their “funness”. There is a fruit called Cas in Costa Rica that I really like, and I was sad today to find out that it is unique to Costa Rica.  When we leave this beautiful country, I am going to lose the ability to have my favorite drink.  However, I was happy to discover that they make Cas ice cream and sell it in many different ice cream shops and small restaurants called “sodas”.  My teacher in grammar class explained that you can get cas ice cream, which was not something of which I was aware.  I was in downtown buying some things, and when I saw “Pops”, a local ice cream shop, I could not resist the temptation to try this new flavor.  The Facebook dialogue explains my actions from yesterday afternoon.  Unfortunately, it is a little difficult to find information on Cas on the internet, so I cannot share much information regarding this wonderful fruit.  In fact I found information primarily on people’s blogs.  Check out information here and here.  I think that this is because the fruit is rather rare outside of Costa Rica, although here you can get it practically everywhere.  I am enjoying my bebidas de cas, and I hope to enjoy more helado de cas in the future.

A Facebook Conversation

For my friends in grammar class, I was not able to wait one more day before trying the cas ice cream.

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