More news from Diospi Suyana

The “unfinished project” is found all over South and Central America.  It is frustrating and sad to see buildings and roads partially completed.  It is a product of both corruption and poverty  I do not know much about the politics of business or government in Peru or Curahuasi, but I hope that as the gospel of Christ is made more well known, the “unfinished project” becomes more rare.  This hope and prayer is inspired by a short note on the Diospi Suyana website regarding an unfinished street in Peru.

An unfinished street in Curahuasi.  Public funds wasted.

An unfinished street in Curahuasi. Public funds wasted.

Lost: Construction Company

History repeats itself

The road construction company had been working in Curahuasi for almost 2 years. The budget for their construction project: about 6 million Soles (about $ 2.4 Mio.) Two parts of the road are almost (!) finished but that’s about it. Now, the company has vanished. Two years without major progress. Another example of how pubic funds are being wasted in Curahuasi. In 2009, another construction company, hired to improve the water supply system, disappeared.  We are extremely grateful that our construction engineer Udo Klemenz has not disappeared. On the contrary, he is a person who likes to finish his projects: First the hospital, then the dental clinic, followed by the Children’s house and now the school.  If Udo Klemenz should ever disappear, like one of those construction companies, we would try to find him no matter what it would take.

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