Culture is Weird

While walking out of the hospital around midnight on Wednesday night, I heard Tejano music coming from the television. Tex-Mex music in the middle of Kenya! It reminded me of another very early morning walking out of the hospital to see a Telenovela being dubbed into Kenyan English on the same waiting area television. It seems that Mexican culture dominates the nighttime airwaves in Kenya.


El guapo y su novia hablan con pasiĆ³n de su amor

You Never Know . . .

. . . what you may find on a walk. Below is an African Spurred Tortoise. It is not native to our area of Kenya, but is found in a sub-Saharan region of Africa. It arrived here as a pet and escaped into our local jungle. What I think is so cool about these tortoises is that they burrow extensively to escape the desert heat. I read that they can have burrows as deep as 20 feet that can extend horizontally up to 30 feet. It is hard for me to imagine this turtle, which can reach up to 200 pounds in weight and 36 inches in diameter, is able to dig like that. Pretty cool! We kept him for a few days in our yard, but he escaped from us too. Todd the Turtle has moved on.


Our Dog

There are some people who are very interested in Chardonnay our dog. Here she is. Also I am trying to learn how to do videos on my phone, so there is that reason for this silly video too.

A Visitor in Kijabe

We had our first visitor from Dallas yesterday. Chris Sleath, traveler extraordinaire, Texan, and Englishman, was in Nairobi and made the one hour trip to visit us on the Kijabe station. It is always nice to see people from home, and we enjoyed his tales of adventures from around the world. It was a treat to have someone from home already visiting us in in Kijabe mission station. We walked him around the campus of the school, served him some tea while breaking many good English traditional courtesies in the process and then he was gone almost as quickly as he had arrived. A mid-Sunday surprise and courtesy visit from one of our favorite Brits!

Only in America

Only 10 more days until we leave. QT has become one of my favorite places. If you don’t know why you haven’t been. QuikTrip has been my friend through many thousands of miles of travel over the past six months. And I will miss her and her many coffees, breakfast foods, hot dog variations, slushes, slurpees, candies, hot foods, cold foods, ice cream variations, huge fountain drinks, and friendly staff. Good bye QuikTrip. Goodbye.

The Joy of Summer

Even the girls are having fun!

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Minor league baseball, hot dogs and popcorn, after the game fire works, dancing in the stands for the attention of the stadium cameras . . . it doesn’t get more Americana than that. We are enjoying the last gasps of our beloved USA before we head to Africa. I read a book where a missionary recommended his readers appreciate summer in America with its long, sun-filled days. As we have experienced the transition of the seasons for the first time in 5 years, I have to agree that there is nothing quite like the joy of watching the dead of winter give way to the rebirth of spring and the life of summer. After living in the steadfast seasons of the tropics, it has been nice to experience again such wonderful variety. And so we give a big thumbs up to a Northern Hemisphere summer in Texas. We are thankful for it!