A Vow

I am never going to live in a big city again. I refuse to be trapped in by buildings and concrete. And if I could live near a place that has both a beach and mountains . . . that would be even better.

Cheap Coffee is not Bad Coffee

From The Case for Bad Coffee.

Cheap coffee is one of America’s most unsung comfort foods. It’s as warming and familiar as a homemade lasagna or a 6-hour stew. It tastes of midnight diners and Tom Waits songs; ice cream and cigarettes with a dash of Swiss Miss. It makes me remember the best cup of coffee I ever had. Even though there was never just one best cup: there were hundreds.

I have been doing a lot of distance driving recently, and I find great fun in stopping at McDonald’s for a $1 coffee (any size) or at QT, my new favorite all-in-one gas station, for a visit to their coffee bar. Somehow drinking their coffee makes me feel happy and humble and home. I love grabbing the insulated cups that are still too hot to handle easily, popping off the lid so that the heat can escape, and then slurping them slowly over a scalded tongue. Its better than the bloating of a high fructose corn syrup carbonated Coke. I use discretion with my legal drugs . . . caffeine better than concentrated sugar syrup!

(These views are my own and may or may not be shared by other members of my family.)


Riding my bike in Dallas is different than riding my bike in Peru. Can you see the difference? First Dallas.

I think it may be uphill all the way home.

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Now Peru

Resting on the way up. #curahuasi

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Human Gumballs

This is a fun picture of Sarah taken while visiting Sacsayhuaman with my brother’s family. But what I also wanted to get in the picture was all the colorful ponchos. It started to really rain with thunder and lightning while we were there, and the enterprising Peruvians were ready with bags full of ponchos of different colors. If you can, enlarge the picture to see all the gumball colors in front of the ruins.

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