Thanks Hassfelds

People make a difference.  We are living here in Curahuasi, and we are definitely strangers.  When we arrived we knew no one, but we were hopeful to make friends quickly.  We live here in a great mix of cultures, and sometimes finding our way around is a little difficult.

We are thankful for the Hassfeld family for helping us through the transition.  Jens and Damaris Hassfeld, missionaries from Germany, have really taken care of us, and they have been persistent in extending friendship toward us.  It has been great to learn from them since they have worked at Diospi Suyana since its inauguration in 2007.  Jens has been very patient with Will’s stuttering spanish, and Damaris has shown Allison around the town teaching her where she can buy meat, grains, and other necessities.  They have helped us know where to go and who to call, have loaned us several of their things and taken us on a couple of sightseeing trips; but on a day to day basis, we just really enjoy their company.  Thank you Hassfelds.

Damaris teaches Annie to knit.

Damaris teaches Annie to knit.

3 thoughts on “Thanks Hassfelds

  1. Annie, I am so glad you are learning to knit. The yarn is so beautiful and soft when it all comes together. I know you will love making beautiful things that you can wear and share with others.


  2. We love hearing your day to day news. 🙂 It keeps you in our thoughts and prayers and makes you feel close! it is a privilege to share in your journey. We love you!!!


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