Kid’s Club Christmas

Kid’s Club is a big part of the ministry here in Curahuasi.  There are several clubs scattered around the town, and all are well attended.  I am so impressed with the work that these volunteers put in to try and show the love of God to all the kids of Curahuasi.  It goes without saying that the people here are very poor.  Our financial richness in comparison is disconcerting and even embarrassing, while yet we are poor, monetarily speaking, from an American perspective.  I am still sorting out how to deal psychologically, and spiritually with the poverty I see every day.  I am glad that the Hospital is trying to make a difference, even in little ways with gifts during Christmas for the kids.  From the Diospi Suyana Hospital website.

Feverish preparations in Santa’s office

11 Diospi-Suyana kids clubs will celebrate in a few days the great feast

Alexandra Kopp, the director of the children’s clubs, and Claudia Nickel had shopped vigorously. On Friday evening, many volunteers gathered to pack a few hundred Christmas bags.  Those who have always wanted to know where exactly is Santa’s office, now know the secret. It is located on the ground floor of the Diospi-Suyana children’s home.  While none of the indigenous children of Curahuasi will receive on Christmas Eve a laptop computer, electric railway or Playstation, they will find joy in and value their simple Christmas bags just as well as their peer’s high-tech gifts in Europe or the USA.

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