About the Drought

A note from RVA . . .

Hi Team,

As we appreciate some rain, just wanted to send you an update from our 33 year rain records so you get some perspective on how dry it’s been so we can pray and sympathize with our neighbors who depend so much on rain.


Average rainfall for Jan. – April going back to 1986 (and what we have this year so far):


January average 2.95 inches (1.56 inches)


February 1.97 inches (0.43 inches)


March 4.02 inches (0.8 inches)


April 8.12 inches (1.46 inches)


May 6.4 inches (0.62 inches so fa


This after last year’s “short rains” were not exceptional either – below average for August – November (December was a little above average).


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Rainy season / Dry season

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