Where are We?

The quick answer at this very moment is that we are at a conference in Colorado Springs with Missions Training International on cultural re-entry and missionary renewal. By the time it is published, we will be back in Dallas.

Why haven’t you heard from us or seen us? Most missionaries come on to their home assignment and hit the road visiting their supporters and churches. We have not done that (so far). But I can promise you that we want to get out to see everyone! But we have taken a different approach to our home assignment this year that makes traveling harder. The biggest travel obstacle is that we have placed the kids into school in Dallas for this spring semester. We did this for a few reasons. One is that they get terribly bored in the US when they do not have the rhythm of school and the stimulation of learning, which leads to a less peaceful home (all parents can relate!). They have been attending the mission school in Peru which actually was more like a Peruvian national school in regards to curriculum. This school was an undeniable blessing for our family, but it had not been preparing them for academics in the US, and the kids needed a little catch up. They are doing great, but the difference in expectations has come as a bit of a shock. Overall, one month in, I think it has been a blessing despite the difficulty of being outsiders in new schools in new systems. However, to the point in regards to travel, we now have a normal life governed by the demands of the academic schedule. We cannot travel as easily. When we do make the rounds (as we really hope to start doing soon), it may be that we travel without the kids. That is easier for us parents, but less satisfying to those who would wish to meet the whole family. Overall, we hope to do most of our travels with the whole family, but we hope you will understand if we cannot. In the meantime I am starting to work a little in order to supplement our income to pay some debts including school costs for our kids that are not a part of our CHSC budget. I also want to work in an American context again for the polishing of skills it provides. This work will be primarily rural ER shifts in the north Texas region where I will work 12 to 48 hour shifts (yes, I am wondering about those 48 hour shifts). I am looking forward to the work! Allison is busy doing everything like all of you awesome mothers out in the world. What would we do without her and you! For now that is where life has us as we look to the future to see where God would lead us in our decisions as we consider life away from Peru.

1 thought on “Where are We?

  1. How very wise for your family! Having your children and their parents doing the things that will equip you all for the large variety of tasks and challenges of the mission field is not only wisdom for your family but wisdom for the sake of the gospel. Praying for all you.


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