Endurance Training

We got stuck in Bend yesterday. Our 5:40 AM flight was extremely delayed so we decided to split up. Allison would go to Colorado to meet some friends, and I would head back to Dallas. I had my flights changed from United to American and left around 4 in the afternoon and arrived home last night around midnight. Allison sat in the airport all day until they finally cancelled that early morning flight at around 7:30 PM in the evening. Yes, that means she sat from 5 AM until 7:30 PM in the Bend airport waiting to know what would happen. In the end she could not get another flight to Denver, so she will be home to be with us tonight at 12:30 AM in Dallas. I felt like I had abandoned my wife in Oregon when I arrived to Dallas last night and heard the news. We have had some traveling difficulties when flying internationally, and through them we have been trained in patience. Thank you God for that. Still it appears we may need more work in this part of our character after yesterday and today.

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