Extending grace

Here’s something I’m thinking about this morning: grace sufficient. We Christians believe that God’s grace extends into the saddest circumstances, into the darkest sin. We tell people that no matter what they have done, they can find God’s forgiveness and grace. Maybe this message loses some of it effectiveness when we extend so little grace to one another.

Before I go on, some of this comes from observing American Christian culture from afar on Facebook, which is unfair. Of course, there are so many beautiful acts of service, friendship, and help that are real interpersonal interactions and my perception of things from the other side of the computer screen reflects only a minute portion of what my “friends” really think, feel, and do from day to day.

But, surely, if God’s grace can cover heinous sin, there is freedom among Christians to eat sugar or not; exercise in a variety of ways or not; send their children to public school, private school, or homeschool; send those kids to a million camps and activities, or abstain; vote for the candidate they like; use essential oils or take medicine; post recipes for quinoa salad or cinnamon roll cake. It feels as if many posts have a subtle agenda for your lifestyle choices, not only to promote what you feel is working for your family, but also to discourage those who have chosen an alternative. Let’s be a beautiful variety of people and celebrate that. Let’s give grace to one another and give a grander grace to those who don’t yet know our Lord.

Even in my own family, maybe there is grace to skip homework one night, laugh an impressive burp at the table, leave the breakfast dishes all morning, forgive a grouchy comment instead of waiting for the apology, eat two cookies just because. Showing little graces helps me believe in bigger grace and extend it when needed.

John 1:16 “From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another.”

6 thoughts on “Extending grace

  1. Thank you for grace-filled thoughts. Amen! When my kids say, “So and so gets to do this, doesn’t have to do that,” etc., they often get this reply: “Well, there’s lots of freedom in Christ!” 🙂


  2. Love this – I’d “like” it if there were a button. can’t wait for you to be here with us again, experiencing American “culture” up close
    And personal.


  3. This is such a sweet reminder! Thank you for continuing to bless me and encourage me in my faith even from so many miles away!


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