The library at the Diospi Suyana School will have books in at least three languages.  The books below are in Spanish, and I think they are coming from Germany.  I have watched my kids reading their school book assignments in spanish, and they do surprisingly well.  Excelling in language still is a challenge for them and for me, but I can see that they are starting to zoom past me in their oral comprehension, and I think their reading comprehension is not far behind.  Just yesterday we were talking about how to say we went camping, and I was saying how I would say “we went camping” in basically a word for word translation into spanish.  David stated he would say “Hemos hecho un campamento” which directly translates “we have made a campsite”.  Right when I heard it I knew that sounded more like what a Peruvian spanish speaker would say.  We would never say it that way in English, but we are not trying to convey the message in English, but in Spanish.  In this way my kids are passing me by, in that they speak with a grammar that sounds right to a native speaker, while my grammar is spanish put into an english grammar structure.  And they will just get better rapidly while I will get better slowly.  Oh well for me, and way to go kids!

Reading expands the mind


The school library in the making

On June 10th, we set up our web page for the school library. We would like to thank the 25 people who have already donated 52 books. The first box is already in the mail to its destination, and the second charge can be seen in the image above.

Reading is good, especially with the flashlight under the covers. We’ve all done it a thousand times.

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  1. We are starting a three language library at Centro Emanuel in Costa Rica. too! Great minds think alike. :>)


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