Getting the Turkey Ready!

Unexpected surprises in a store bought turkey from Cuzco.  Last year we had one raised locally here in Curahuasi.  It was small and tough.  We decided we wanted a good steroid or hormone enhanced, cage fed turkey this year like we were used to in the US.  We want more meat! Still we found some things inside tonight as we were preparing the bird that we are not used to finding back home.  Still, we are very thankful to have the bird to share with all our friends. Thanksgiving at our house tomorrow!  We will be thinking of everyone back home.

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These too!

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Look what we found in our turkey!

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1 thought on “Getting the Turkey Ready!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you! How exciting to have a big turkey — and with exciting ‘extras’ as well! You have been on my mind, as you are on my list of sweet blessings for which I have been thanking the Lord today. Have a fabulous feast — you are dearly loved.
    Lana Wisenbaker


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