Our Neighbor Freddy

Here is a post from the hospital website.  If you click the first video, you will hear the story of a neighbor of ours.  We pick Freddy up for school every morning.  He has a shy smile, and his entire family is very friendly.  It is a pleasure to see their smiling faces every morning.  If you wonder if I feel a little funny or if I feel emotionally conflicted picking him up in my 4 wheel drive car every morning . . . the answer is yes, but I have gotten used to it.  I see the poverty every day, but the truth is that I am not always aware of it.  If I really processed what I saw every day it would be overwhelming.  The first picture from the article has one of our favorite students at the school in the middle background.

Four children from Curahuasi – three must see videos


Students of our school

What does it mean to grow up in the Andes of Peru? What are the consequences of alcoholism and poverty? We thank director Christian Bigalke and all of his staff for the dedicated and inspiring work on behalf of the disadvantaged children of Curahuasi.


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