A small bite to chew on

Last night I was asking Will if he watched Miss Utah respond to her Miss USA pageant question.  We never watch the Miss USA pageant, but today I was able to watch what was surely the most entertaining part in a short video prompted by the handy dandy Yahoo news feed.  I find that since we are out of the country, we get a lot of our “news” and “entertainment” that way.  We are on a hyperspeed Twitter sound bite diet.  A thirty-second clip covering the Oklahoma tornadoes.  An article where someone quotes what Sarah Palin said somewhere.  We watch one episode of a TV series we used to watch from time to time, or start to download a movie and the Internet is so spotty we watch ten minutes before we lose patience.

In a way it is freeing.  We don’t keep up with pop culture or politics or what is really happening on the ground in the States, nor here in Costa Rica.  It doesn’t concern us that much.  Once again, the aphorism “Ignorance is bliss” rings true.  We knew this would happen.  We would be the family with those weird kids who did not have any pop cultural reference.

However, one thing that interests me is how many people (including myself to some degree) live this way all the time.  They read a few words on a Yahoo! link or a Twitter account or a Facebook status and think they understand a situation or are informed.  What is this doing to our culture, to have an ice-cream-sample-spoon sized amount of information, served up by the attractive media person behind the counter or from supposed friends whom we trust?

I am reading a book about Dietrich Bonhoeffer and it is amazing how educated his family was.   They read literature, studied the past, associated with informed people, and asked pertinent questions.  It is convicting to think how little informed I am about so many things and how little suffices to satisfy my curiosity.

I fear that I can be this way spiritually too.  A little Bible reading and prayer, a small bite of worship, a taste of hearing from God and I feel satiated even though there is so much more to be had.  He’s got the whole huge tub of ice cream in front of Him!  I eat tasty stomach food with enjoyment all day long.  I think God is asking me to serve up a bigger plate of food for thought, food for contemplation, and food for meditation.  Once again, more of His grace is required.

8 thoughts on “A small bite to chew on

  1. Allison, AMEN! So true about our culture, and about ME! So easily satisfied with just enough to get by, when so much is available to me to feast on. Will pray for you to dig deeper, and would love your prayer for me to, as well!

    I just read your newsletter, and hopped on Expedia to see if I could find a flight that I might be able to afford, to come see you guys. Unfortunately, they seem out of my price range.:(

    Would so love to come to encourage you guys and spend time loving on you and your kiddos. Hopefully when you are here I can have y’all over for dinner one night, and maybe when you get to Peru?! Our TK group wants to plan a trip to come visit you guys there!

    Sure do love you guys and am praying for your endurance these last few weeks until you come home!

    With love, denny

    On Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 7:46 AM, cairesinperu


    • Thank you so much, Denny. We appreciate all the support and love and prayers you have given us. We would love to see you when we get back in August. Dad is already planning a TK night for us.


  2. Beautifully said. Feasting on God’s Word by going deep is so much more satisfying than the fast food offered in even the best daily devotional books. Thank you for reminding me to stay deep this summer!!

    Praying for you now,
    Donna Miller


  3. Precious Allie, I felt like I was reading something your Mother had written and would have said! You have truly followed in her footsteps of following our Lord’s lead! Your words were filled with wisdom, insight and truth. That’s exactly how most of get through each day! We’re so busy trying to cover all bases that we don’t really concentrate and focus. That wouldn’t work if we aspired to greatness in any one thing….which is exactly what Jesus is calling us to do!! “Love The Lord your God with ALL your heart, ALL your soul and ALL your mind” Matthew 22:37
    May The Lord continue to bless you and your precious family each moment of every day. We love you!
    Annette McKinney


    • Annette, Thank you so much for the encouragement. Of course, I would like to be like Mom in any way I can. I know that if she could communicate with us, she would let us know that nothing done in love for Him is wasted. Thanks for your prayers and love.


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