From Diospi Suyana website – Who Has The Best Bread?

I am always glad to read a new post from the Diospi Suyana website, and I am often surprised by what is going on there.  I suppose I imagined that they bought their bread from Wonder Bread Company or some place similar.  I think I am going to surprised relatively often at the resourcefulness of the hospital and the people who work their.  I pray that I find myself to be more resourceful and inventive than I currently consider myself to be.

Baker Friedermann of Curahuasi

Rolls and bread of the highest quality.

Rolls and bread of the highest quality.

Michael Friedermann isn’t a baker by trade; he studied agricultural economics and is now in charge of the hospital workshops. Baking bread is just one of the many things that are handled by the workshop.  The wheat the team uses comes from small local farms. It is cleaned in a wheat cleaning machine, built by Diospi Suyana veteran Michael Möhrl. After seeds of weed and little rocks have been removed, Michael Friedemann grinds the wheat in a mill. The grain is turned into whole wheat flour, which is then used to bake bread – about 400 rolls and 18 loafs of bread per week.  It still unclear whether the yummy bread smell increases or decreases people’s enthusiasm for work. Those of us, who are dreaming of biting into a fresh slice of bread while standing in the OR should use their knife rather carefully.

The filter catches everything that doesn't belong.

The filter catches everything that doesn’t belong.

The wheat cleaning machine.

The wheat cleaning machine.

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