Volunteering at Diospi Suyana Hospital

Some information about the Diospi Suyana Hospital from the Samaritan’s Purse website.  If you are a physician interested in volunteering, you can come through Samaritan’s Purse.


Profile: Approximately 750,000 people, predominantly indigenous, live within a three hour radius of Curahuasi, Peru. Hospital Diospi Suyana offers comprehensive care to these descendants of the ancient Incas. The facility is equipped with 55 beds, four operating rooms, a five-bed intensive care unit, laboratory and radiology department (X-ray, ultrasound, and CT scan). The hospital is staffed by both Peruvian and expatriate staff.

Travel: You will fly by commercial airline into Lima, the capital city of Peru. Depending on the flight times it might be necessary to overnight in Lima. From Lima you will take a smaller flight to Cuzco. Again, depending on flight times, you might need to overnight in Cuzco. From Cuzco you will travel by ground transportation to Hospital Diospi Suyana. Ground transportation is usually in the form of a hired taxi arranged by the hospital, and normally takes two and one-half hours.

Time Difference: -1 hour Eastern Daylight Savings Time, U.S.A. Same time as Eastern Standard Time, U.S.A.

Location: The small town of Curahuasi, Peru is located in the Andes Mountains. Curahuasi is in the region of Apurimac, known as the poorhouse of Peru. Curahuasi is approximately 85 miles from Cusco, Peru.

People: The people in Curahuasi and the surrounding countryside are Quechua, but do not like to be called as such. They prefer the term “Quechua Hablante” (meaning one who speaks Quechua).

Language: Eighty percent of the local people are Quechua Hablante and their language is Quechua. Approximately 70 precent of Quechua can speak and understand Spanish at an adequate level. The hospital has some Peruvian staff who speak fluent Quechua when translation is necessary. FP, DGP, GS, IM, OBG, OPH, ORS, OTO, PD, U, must be fluent in Spanish

Religion: The area is predominantly Catholic with 10 percent being evangelicals. The area also has a lot of superstition and animism carried over from old Incan religious traditions.


The only thing that gets better missionary attendance than free food at Diospi Suyana Hospital and Colegio Diospi Suyana is news that there will be a baptism at the local, freezing cold swimming pool!

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Common Questions Regarding Diospi Suyana Hospital

Common questions answered regarding Diospi Suyana Hospital from their website.

How do you propose to guarantee the long term financial support for this hospital?

Approximately half of the budget is to be covered by an international association of supporting members with a target membership of 1000. In addition, we founded the Diospi Suyana Foundation in March 2004. In the long-term, the interest from this will also flow into the running of the hospital. Patients belonging to the middle classes will of course be expected to pay for their treatment. A local social worker will determine to what extent the patients can contribute to the cost of treatment.

What is the Peruvian government contributing to this charity hospital?

In an agreement between Diospi Suyana and the state health authorities (DIRESA), dated April 3, 2003, cooperation has been regulated in a very unbureaucratic manner. On 4 July 2006, Drs. Klaus and Tina John presented Diospi Suyana to the wife of the Peruvian President. The First Lady of Peru, Pilar Nores de García, accepted to serve as godmother of the project. She wants to help especially with the importation of medical equipment. On 25 July 2006 the Secretary of Health, Dr. Pilar Mazzetti and Dr. John signed a treaty of cooperation. Based on that document the Peruvian government will contribute +/- 5 % to the monthy budget.

What role will the Christian Faith play in the daily routine of the hospital?

In the cooperation agreement with the state health authorities Diospi Suyana committed itself to treat all Peruvians, irrespective of faith or creed. Our motivation in building and running the hospital is to put Jesus´ Sermon on the Mount into practice. There are no conditions attached to Diospi Suyana´s charitable assistance

Is there room for an evangelical hospital in a predominantly catholic country?

Yes, of course! At present, 10% of the inhabitants of Curahuasi belong to protestant churches. The proportion of faiths one to another is improving all over Peru. The hospital will of course treat Catholics with the same respect as Protestants.

How many employees will the hospital need?

A total of 70 members of staff will be needed to run the hospital. Approximately 35 Peruvians can be employed by the hospital management at local rates of pay. The team will be completed by volunteer workers from overseas who will organize their own financial support from private sponsors. Thus the hospital budget can be significantly reduced and more money can be made available to provide medical care for the poorest.

Is it really worthwhile doing a project of this size in Peru?

The planned missionary hospital has the potential to treat 50,000 patients a year on an in-patient and out-patient basis. The real benefit, however, by far exceeds this number since every patient is of course a member of a family. If a mother of 6 dies of a septic gall bladder and the father loses his job in the fields due to a broken leg, there are consequences for a large number of people. Continue reading

More news from Diospi Suyana

The “unfinished project” is found all over South and Central America.  It is frustrating and sad to see buildings and roads partially completed.  It is a product of both corruption and poverty  I do not know much about the politics of business or government in Peru or Curahuasi, but I hope that as the gospel of Christ is made more well known, the “unfinished project” becomes more rare.  This hope and prayer is inspired by a short note on the Diospi Suyana website regarding an unfinished street in Peru. Continue reading

Another family coming to work at Diospi Suyana Hospital

I was excited to see a post  on Facebook today from people we have never met, but who I hope will be good friends soon.  The Wright family will be coming to work at Diospi Suyana Hospital, hopefully as soon as August.  If they get there in August they will actually beat us to the hospital, because we will just be finishing language school then.  I am excited to see God calling more and more to serve throughout the world in medical missions.  Check out their blog at www.peruwrights.com.  Read more about their story here.  Although we do not know them yet, we are brothers, sisters, and coworkers with them for the sake of the gospel in Peru.

The Man with the Good News – From Diospi Suyana

Another bit of good news from the Diospi Suyana website.  We are excited about the school that is being built in Curahuasi, Peru.  It hopefully indicates a good education for the young boys and girls growing up there.  It also will likely mean a good education for our children as well.  It will be interesting to send our kids to a school where the teaching is in Spanish, and the education is based on the German educational system.  I am not sure where that will leave our kids, but I hope that leaves them well educated with a mind open to the world.  I am thankful for the Christian education, because as I hope they develop this expanded world view, I hope even more that they will see the glory of God in what they learn, and that they will wish to be a part of the good work that God is doing in this great world that he has created. Continue reading

From Diospi Suyana website – Who Has The Best Bread?

I am always glad to read a new post from the Diospi Suyana website, and I am often surprised by what is going on there.  I suppose I imagined that they bought their bread from Wonder Bread Company or some place similar.  I think I am going to surprised relatively often at the resourcefulness of the hospital and the people who work their.  I pray that I find myself to be more resourceful and inventive than I currently consider myself to be.

Baker Friedermann of Curahuasi

Rolls and bread of the highest quality.

Rolls and bread of the highest quality.

Continue reading

From Diospi Suyana – Power in the Name of Jesus Christ

Anne-Charlotte Ronqvist from Finland

Anne-Charlotte Ronqvist from Finland

The Diospi Suyana website has a post up regarding a distant experience of one of the nurses at the hospital.  From what I have heard, Curahuasi is not a dangerous town, but there are always exceptional experiences.  I am thankful for the faith that she shares in our God who is with us always.

Anna-Charlotta from Finland is Head of Nursing at Diospi Suyana Hospital. In yesterday’s devotional time she shared with us about her life.  It was in August last year when she was on her way home. Dusk had just set in. As Anna was on her way to Curahuasi, walking through a dark and narrow pass that runs parallel to the “Panamericana” highway, she suddenly saw herself attacked by a young man. The stranger grabbed her by her clothes and threatened her at knifepoint.   As a devout Christian, Anna-Charlotta Rönqvist strongly believes in the special power to be found in the name of Jesus Christ. With great presence of mind she shouted at him “Leave me alone! In the name of Jesus Christ: get on your way!” The attacker backed off immediately and disappeared.  “As Christians there is no need for us to be afraid. God is with us. I’ve experienced that!”  Anna-Charlotta talked with great conviction about putting faith into practice. Who knows – perhaps the perpetrator was actually sitting in the crowd listening to her yesterday. At Disopi Suyana everything is possible.

Peru Pictures

You may have noticed that we have a link to pictures posted on Flickr on the sidebar of our blog.  You can hit this link to go directly to the pictures if you would like to see some shots from our trip to Peru last February (2012).  During the trip we visited the hospital and stayed two nights in Cuzco which is the closest big city.  I am hoping to use the Flickr account to post more pictures for viewing in the future.

As Colorful As a Garden Flower – From Diospi Suyana

I have placed links to the Diospi Suyana website many times in the past.  Here is a link to a recent article regarding some of the beauty that surrounds the hospital.  They have recently had a water specialist visiting the town to give advice on how the pueblo could improve its water supply.  As the town leaders took the missionary to the mountains to show him their main water source, they took some pictures.  The result is the following link and article.

As Colorful As A Garden Flower


When you are in the Andes you should always carry a camera. There are so many beautiful things. Yesterday, a group from City Hall traveled up into the mountains to show engineer Bruce Rydbeck Curahuasi’s most important water sources.

Viewed from an altitude of 3500 meters, the landscape looks like paradise, as if out of a picture book. The Quechua Indians who live in the Andes sometimes live in an altitude of as high as 5000 meters. For the 30.000 inhabitants of the district of Curahuasi the trip to the hospital can take a full day.