Help Where It is Needed

I was wondering what they were all doing out there in their scrubs!  From the Diospi Suyana Hospital website.

A relief effort for our friends from schoolSchmiergeln-900x330-1

This week our surgeon Dr. Annette Haar is in Lima in order to clarify some visa issues. Our gynecologist Dr. Jens Hassfeld and family are for a short time on vacation and the general surgeon Dr. Reinhard Kühn is still in Germany for another two weeks before he arrives in Curahuasi. So, it’s currently quite and peaceful in the operating rooms. However, this could not remain a secret for long to our chief of Administration Marion Hofmann. With all the extra free hands around, the staff from anesthesia and surgery were mobilized on a special mission: furniture painting.

The sanding is almost as beautiful as operating.

The sanding is almost as beautiful as operating.

Now our colleagues spend their day sanding and painting and for that we are very thankful as we are preparing for the school’s Inauguration day and are in great rush to finish of all the tables and benches on time.

It goes without saying that in the future the teachers will help out with many cesarean sections in the operating room. One hand washes the other.

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