Joe Queenan: My 6,128 Favorite Books –

I feel this. The hardest part of moving was selling almost all of our books. They were too heavy (cost too much) to move. Now I daydream of building a library full of English, Spanish, and German books when we get to Curahuasi.

Joe Queenan: My 6,128 Favorite Books –

3 thoughts on “Joe Queenan: My 6,128 Favorite Books –

  1. I think this is a great topic for discussion at our next book club! I’m sure it was hard at the time to get rid of your books, but were you surprised at how much you still miss them? I loved Queenan’s comments — what a clever writer — I laughed out loud several times. Eventhough I do have a Nook, I vastly prefer an actual book. Love you guys, Lana


    • Lana, I have bought several Kindle books since we have been here. It is great to have access to such a large bookstore. It really is a blessing to have so many titles at my fingertips, and even more I can have a readable version in just seconds. However, I feel a little ripped off when I pay $10 for an electronic form of a book with no physical substance. And where can I put it so I can see it and remember it and recall the story that it told me. I miss real books, and I hope to be able to switch back when we get to Peru.


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