Un auto

Would you pray with us about our car purchase?  Will is leaving on Thursday to look for a car in Lima.  A Peruvian residency card is required to buy a car and we don’t know how long getting one may take.  Fortunately, our friend Lyndal offered to sign for us on all the paperwork.  She has been here forever and knows all about how to do this sort of thing.  We weren’t sure we were ready to move on the car thing yet, but Lyndal is going to Australia next week and generously said she could help us in Lima for a couple of days before she leaves.

We need a tough, reliable car that will fit at least six people and preferably more.  The road to our house is a slippery, steep, muddy mess during the rainy season and we have been on more than one scary trip up in a “regular” car.  Therefore, we need a huge 4×4.  Here in Peru, a used 4×4 may have been used pretty roughly.  Please ask God to provide a car that will keep our family and friends safe on the roads and that Will will have peace in making such a swift, big decision.  (Or, if this isn’t God’s timing, that he would have peace in that too.)

Thank you, friends.