TK Night

Tonight we spent a great evening with what is called the TK group.  It is a group of men and women who share a dinner and then listen to a sermon by Tim Keller.  Then they discuss its significance.  They had honored us in the past by allowing us to share what we are going to do in Peru, and tonight they let us share about our experiences of the past year learning Spanish in Costa Rica.  What a privilege!  And they honored us by letting us ramble on about ourselves.  It is a shame that so often when you want to talk about God and what he is doing, how often you just end up talking about yourself, your own emotions, your own failures, and your own thoughts.  It is so easy to be self-centered.  Yet this patient group listened to us as we tried to share what God had taught us over the past year, and what we hope God will do with us in the future.  It is a great group of people, and we are thankful for all of you who have believed in us and honored us over the past year by praying for us, sending us cards and encouragement, and supporting us financially.  We cannot express what you all mean to us.

Thank you and gracias.