Better Internet and Computers would be great!

Reading a friends blog post and I thought, why not share this on our blog. Ryan and Kirsten are new friends. Kirsten is a doctor who is showing me the way to get things done here; Ryan works in IT. We are all working at this very good hospital in the middle of rural Peru with a lot of great equipment. However our internet is terrible. And here is something you may not know about the practice of medicine in the United States. We use the internet all the time. We are better doctors because of it. We get information that we can’t remember so easily from the world wide web. And here, where I really need it more than ever, I can barely get on it at work, if I am able to get on it at all. So I am throwing out a quote from Ryan’s blog and asking as well – are there tech companies who could help us get up to the 21st century in technology? Here is an excerpt from Ryan’s blog. You can read the whole thing here.

We are thankful and nothing goes to waste.

Yes, I work at a volunteer hospital in Perú, I get that, but my question is: Does it have to be this way? When we work with medical companies they are excited about donating their latest-and-greatest, from UV-Water filters to CT scanners. It’s amazing and we normally get the best.

Servers, computers, monitors, keyboards, mouses – we get second, third or fourth hand. Sometimes things arrive that simply don’t work, but hey, we use ‘em.

Working here is taking a step back in time, it forces you to be creative. Yes, problem solving can be fun, but there is also a part of me that knows there are tech companies, startups and corporations that have resources and can donate, and not just their old used equipment. Surprise us out here in volunteer, non-profit, land. Make a statement and give us your best, both ideas and equipment.