Just another day . . .

I have never treated this before.  I did not treat it this day either.  Usually the most interesting / rare cases go to Dr. Martina John.  They should because she is really brilliant and has a ton of experience.  I watch her practice in wonder.  Maybe some day . . . From the Diospi Suyana Hospital website.

Struck by lightning

Picture: Quechua woman struck by lightning

Picture: Quechua woman struck by lightning

Case of the month

Rina Huamani* works on fields, together with others people she knows. The 30 year old Quechua Indian woman knows life in the Andes with all its dangers.  When she notices that a thunderstorm is brewing, her small group seeks shelter in a hut.  Once more, Rina steps outside the hut’s door when it happens. Lightning strikes the metal needle on her hat, running right through her body and into the ground. On Monday she received treatment at the local health center and at Diospi Suyana Hospital. Ophthalmologist  Dr. Ursula Buck looked after her acute conjunctivitis after nurses in the “Posta de Salud” (health center) had attended to her skin burns.  During the rainy season in the Andes thunderstorms build up frequently. Rina can only thank God that she is still alive. *Name changed