Being Missed

Our new neighbors, but old Curahuasi friends, Stephen and Finley Wright, are a huge part of this new little barrio in which we live.  Stephen has a real gift for kids, with himself being young at heart and full of energy.  He is also a runner, and just under two years ago when he arrived he started running with the neighborhood kids.  This little group grew into a running club called Corre Curahausi, a group of kids ranging from very young to some adults who run every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  Then every couple months there is an official race, with a banner, music, finish line, and awards.  Stephen shares a small devotional before the runs and then the kids go for it with all their might.  And boy can they run!  Flat out they go at 9000 feet elevation!  These kids start gathering outside Stephen and Finley’s house about two hours before each run, eager to be a part of something.  I am so challenged by the example of love that this family has given to our community, and I am also motivated to try a little love experiment, reaching out even when it is not comfortable, so that these kids can come to know the love of God!  The Wrights leave in just a few weeks.  Everyone is really going to miss them, and none of us can take their place.  But hopefully we can fill the gap in part.  Thank you Wright Family for all you have done!  You will be missed.

The Wright family mission their newest addition, Emmaline, whom I a had the honor of delivering here in Curahuasi!

The Wright family before their newest addition, Emmaline, whom I a had the honor of delivering here in Curahuasi!

The Dental Ministry

We are thankful for this part of the Diospi Suyana ministry.  We personally have benefitted with cavities cured and when Peter was doing the worm on our tile floor during a dance competition, severely chipping his two front teeth, we were glad to have our favorite local dentist Stephen Wright here to fix him up with some fine cosmetic dentistry that would make the biggest stars in Hollywood jealous!  Here is an article from the hospital webpage about some of the dental outreach ministries the hospital is doing.

We don’t go to the dentist …


… because the dentist comes to us!

Once a month a team from the Diospi Suyana dental clinic visits one of the surrounding villages. In this excursion the dentists and nurses visit the kindergartens and primary schools of the town.

The children learn a lot about oral hygiene and a healthy diet.  After the highly revealing presentation, all participants clean their teeth.  This is followed by a free quick check by our dentists.  If tooth decay is present, the child gets a coupon which can be exchanged for treatment any day of the week at the hospital.

Little Quechua girl listens carefully

Little Quechua girl listens carefully

Education about proper cleaning

Education about proper cleaning

Quick dental evaluation

Quick dental evaluation

Running Club – Stephen Wright Makes a Difference

We are struggling with internet slowness.  We bought a post pay stick, because it is cheaper for the amount of GB you get, but it has turned out to be painfully slow.  Often, I cannot get even get Gmail to load.  However, we have refreshed our pre paid sticks, and we are ready to go again.  Here is a post from the Diospi Suyana Hospital website about our friend Stephen Wright from Tennessee.  He arrived about two months before we did to Curahuasi.  He is full of fun, full of laughter, and he really is great with kids.  He will also be our new next door neighbor when we move to our new house in the upcoming months.  If you look at the last picture of this post, you can see the front door of where we will be living soon.  Check out this post about the running club Stephen has started with the kids in town.

“The Runners” Club of Curahuasi


Dentist Stephen Wright inspires the children

Dr. Stephen Wright works as a dentist at Diospi Suyana Hospital. With his good sense of humor one is already grinning when he says “good day” each morning.  His friendly and fun nature easily attracts people, especially the children.  A year ago, Stephen founded a running club for the youth of Curahuasi.  Since the beginning, the group has steadily grown.  Usually runners train three times a week and occasionally the dentist organizes a real race.

Many children have no athletic shoes.  Instead, they run in their sandals, which have been made from old car tires. But this does not diminish the fun.  Meanwhile, the parents often come to the races and of course are pleased with the performance of their offspring.  For the award ceremony a wooden stool serves as the pedestal.

This running group is not considered a financially expensive proposition, but Stephen invests his time and attention for the kids and makes the whole thing a real success.  Before the races he gives a quick devotional thought and the children are all ears.

Uphill with an iron will

Uphill with an iron will

Number One (our new house is the white house with the brown door to the left in the background)

Number One (our new house is the white house with the brown door to the left in the background)

Summer School and Bible Study

L to R: Sarah, Peter, Benjamin Wright, Jon Paul Cunningham, Sydney Wright, Annie, David

L to R: Sarah, Peter, Benjamin Wright, Jon Paul Cunningham, Sydney Wright, Annie, David, and the blur in front is Mateo (I think!)

On Friday nights we have a English speakers Bible study.  It is a time of mutual encouragement for all of us, with the intention of praising God and seeking his will.  We share a meal and usually pray and sing and then the adults try and study the Bible amidst the noise of many kids.  There are 8 more kids 5 and under that are usually with us that are not included in this picture.  It can get LOUD!  One night we had just under 30 people in our house.  This picture was taken on a night when the older kids shared what they had been learning with Finley Wright during her afternoon of homeschooling the missionary over the summer break.  The kids sang some songs in Spanish and gave reports and spoke about things they had learned in the Bible.  I was impressed by their presentation, and I am thankful to Finley for taking the time to help teach our kids this summer.


Some Thoughts to get you Going!

Our friend Stephen has a way of getting people going.  The whole Wright family is an encouragement (we have two brothers here with their families, Nolan and Stephen Wright).  When Stephen gets to talking about doing things for God, it makes a person want to run through a brick wall for Jesus.  He recently had an encouraging post on his blog.  I was challenged to get going harder for the purposes of Christ in our world.  Read the excerpt below and the rest at this link to get more of what he is sharing..  Also he has some good pics at the bottom of his post.

To help us get the right perspective here is an example. This red dot . represents our life on this earth, from beginning to end, all of our days resides completely within that dot, with that said eternity would then have to be represented by a red line that runs off your computer screen, continues out of your home, down the street, across the pacific ocean, past our solar system, past our milky way galaxy. . . you get the point. My two sense is this, don’t live for this world, live for the next. Its bigger! Its a much better investment! Its more time! No sin or pain! Buy stock in your relationship with Jesus, submit your life to him and accept his death on the cross for your sin. The dividends you receive from this investment will out perform all the others by 100,000 billion! years.

Microwaved Cuy

That is guinea pig reheated in the microwave in case some explanation is needed.  This picture is from our friend Stephen Wright’s Instagram account.  Their blog is here.  I seriously don’t know what I think about this.  We are continuing to work on our cultural sensitivity.