Sound of Music Moment?

Taking a hike with Abo surrounded by Germans occupying a foreign land.  The difference is we came here, we are not trying to escape, and these Germans are here to serve, not to take over.  Faith in God makes the difference.


Cardiology and Friends

John Lentink and Viola Lentink are our neighbors here in Curahuasi.  They were kind to have us over for Christmas lunch and then came over later that afternoon as we set up a little movie theater in the living room and watched The Sound of Music.  It is one of my favorite memories of living here.  We made popcorn, Allison made soup, and we introduced the kids to that classic movie.  Our house was full of music for a few days!  John work in ultrasound, but his real specialty is hearts.  He seems to know everything about them, and we benefit greatly from his expertise.  Viola works in the lab and helps with our immigration.  We are legal here in Peru because of her patient (and often frustrating) work on our behalf.  John recently received some new “toys” to play with in the Cardiology lab.  From the Diospi Suyana Hospital website.

When the Heart Beats Faster than it Should


From diagnosis to therapy

A heartbeat of 170 per minute at rest is neither normal nor healthy. What was going on in the patient? John Lentink with an ECG showed the cause. The atrium was beating too quickly and the pulse was transmitted to the ventricles. Now that we know this the appropriate medicine treatment can be started. For one week we tested at Diospi Suyana, in the ECG laboratory, a physical performance test and a long-term ECG.

John Lentink with the patient in image center

John Lentink with the patient in image center

The machines are brand new and John Lentink has the experience needed to properly operate them. Our general practitioners and internists are pleased with these new diagnostic possibilities.