Kids at Work

Nolan Wright has another good post about the life for kids here in Curahuasi.  The situation is tough for them.  Abuse is common.  To say that the parents are relaxed in how they care for their kids would be an understatement.  Often very young kids take on the responsibilities of adults.  I know some kids sleep on the streets because of the unsafe environment at home.  Please pray for these kids.  From the Wright family blog.

I can’t imagine hiking that trail every day, and two, I don’t think I could let my kids do this alone. However, kids here grow up fast. They have to.  Many have 3-6 other siblings and their dad may or may not be around. Their mom works all day and they have to help with the family chores and often fend for themselves much of the time.  Every day I see shepherds guarding their flocks” (by day) and those “shepherds” are almost always kids. First thing in the morning I often see kids walk down our dirt road for water and carry pales back to their house (most do have water at their house(but often not in it), so I’m not quite sure what they are doing…  yet).

A pitcu

A picture of two boys working up in the mountains caring for their flocks.  From the WrightsinPeru blog.

Merry Christmas from the Caires

And from our Quechua shepherd.

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Quechua shepherd for the Christmas pageant.

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David was a shepherd in the Hospital Christmas pageant.  The best part is the beard, but the Quechua don’t actually grow them!  We hope you all have a great Christmas!