Don’t we all know this is true, deep in our hearts . . . Our Very Normal Solar System Isn’t Normal Anymore.

A couple links regarding dialects.  This is super interesting, and I did not realize there was so much variation in the United States.  Of course I knew there was some, but this information will bring your knowledge of dialects to a much higher level.  Read about the map of dialects at this Dialect Map of the U.S. shows how American Speak by Regions.  Then take a close look at the map with more detail here.

The astronaut in this video is a lot of fun.  He has several videos on the internet.  A Wet Towel in Space is not Like a Wet Towel on Earth.  However check out the one below to be entertained even more.

Do you like Science?

I like science.  The study of science is an entry point into understanding the way God works in our world.  When you study science, from physics to biology, from quantum mechanics to the life sciences, you gain an understanding, however incomplete, into the mind of God.  It is a glimpse into how he makes things work.  For your enjoyment, I have a few links into things that continue to be mysterious to us, yet fall well within the mind of God.

First, a story of natural crop circles, and how termites mold the ecosystem of the desert to both their own and the deserts benefit.  Read about their “fairy circles.”  Another unusual insect story from nature is the story of the cicadas.  You may be aware that a brood is coming above ground this spring, the first time they have been seen in 17 years!  And how about some pictures of the aurora borealis, one of the greatest God proclaiming events on earth.  It reminds me of the Psalm 19:1 – “The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”