Last trip to downtown San Jose

We made our final trip downtown last night.  We were close to downtown to finish our rabies vaccination series at the hospital, and since we were so close we decided to walk down to the artisan’s market and buy a few souvenirs.  And then, since we were close, we ate at Rosti Pollos which was one of the very first places at which we ate when we arrived to Costa Rica.  The kids love downtown, especially at night.  So we took a few pictures to remember the nighttime in downtown San Jose.  Good-bye downtown!  I hope we meet again.

Museo Nacional de Costa Rica

On Friday after my final oral exam we made a long promised trip to to the Costa Rica National Museum.  I hate to say it, but even though Allison and I thought it was pretty interesting, the kids were disappointed.  They were expecting something more like the museum in the movie “Night at the Museum”.  They hoped for dinosaur skeletons, lots of displays of life size mannequins displaying scenes from the history of Costa Rica.  But it is a much smaller museum.  Sometimes you can forget that this entire country has fewer people than the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.  So when you go the museum here, you cannot expect the Smithsonian.  There just is not that much money, history, or land from which to accumulate museum pieces.  However, it is a good museum with some incredible photography of the natural beauty of Costa Rica, a great artifact display of some of the indigenous tools and worship items from the original people groups, a really impressive arboretum, and a well kept garden in the courtyard.  The museum is an old military barracks and bullet holes from a civil war in the 1940s are easily seen on one of the main towers.  In fact it was that civil war that lead Costa Rica to become a peaceful nation without a military.  So to sum up, for kids it might be a little bit of a disappointment, but for the adults it is a nice museum that you can visit thoroughly in around two hours.

Museo de Arte – San Jose, Costa Rica

We went to the Museo de Arte in San Jose yesterday.  It is a small museum, but it has some very interesting sculptures.  The statues of overweight women are common in San Jose, and they are featured in the museum.  They were interesting . . . It all started out innocently . . . IMG_2577

But my kids found another part of these statues a bit more interesting . . . Continue reading

An interview with Peter

David and Peter

David and Peter

What do you like about living in Costa Rica?  That it is fun.  That we get to have vacations to beaches.  My favorite beach is Playa Blanca, because we made a lot of sand castles.  I like seeing animals like monkeys and parrots.

What is your favorite sport?  Soccer and Baseball

What is your favorite team?  Barcelona!

What do you like the least about living here?  I miss my friends.

Any last things you want people to know?  We have a small house without a yard.