Camp Caire


A moment of calm while they watch “Babe”. Afterward a short debate on whether the proposition of the movie was possible or not.

We have the pleasure of hosting the Wright families’ kids this week.  Nolan and Konika Wright are new missionaries here in Curahuasi.  Nolan is going to work as a physical therapist at the hospital.  We have already written about Stephen and Finley who arrived the month before we did in Curahuasi.  Stephen is a dentist who has fixed Peter’s chipped teeth a few times.  Fortunately for us and for our kids, they all have kids who are about our kids ages.  It is nice for everyone to have some english speaking friends to play with.  All the kids are pretty good at playing in Spanish, but it is easier for all of them in English.  More relaxing, and even for kids sometimes the cultural differences are a challenge.  All the Wright adults are in Lima for this week working on their religious Visas, so their kids came over on Monday night and will stay here until Friday.  It is great to have kids in the house.  It is full of energy, but I think everyone will be glad to have families reunited on Friday, kids included!  They miss their parents.  Please pray for us this week as we have doubled the kid energy, but lessoned the adult energy by two thirds.