Thoughts from the online world!

My friend Jim Hoag posted this article to my Facebook timeline.  I hope to hike the Inca trail many times in the future, since we will be so close to it.  I promise anyone who comes to visit us that we will do our best to get you to Macchu Picchu either by hiking or by train.  I was there in 1998, and it really is incredible.  Read about one man’s experience in this article. Hiking the Inca Trail – Intelligent Travel.  On another note, as the world gains more and more people, there is interest in how we can live sustainably.  The Big Squeeze:  Can Cities Save the Earth? is an article that demonstrates how much land would be needed if all the population lived in one city, and then it demonstrates how much land is needed based on different population densities.  It is interesting and also has some interesting pictures of high density housing.  I am bothered by the authors concern about how many babies people should have, but outside of that there are many interesting facts.  The article comes from Robert Krulwich who does Radio Lab on NPR.  How about this article from the NY Times about Tsunami’s in Japan.  Tsunami Warnings Written in Stone  There is wisdom that comes from paying attention to the past.  Of course as a Christian, much of the past I study the most is regarding the history of our faith and the Jewish people.  The greatest wisdom in the world comes from knowledge of God.