Our friend Nolan Wright, working in physical therapy, has an interesting point in his blog about the gaps in knowledge of some of the Quechua people, and also the assumptions we make regarding what people know and how it may affect our care of them.  We are working in a different culture, and it is good to remember this very important fact.  Click the link to their blog, WrightsinPeru.

Physical Therapy at Diospi Suyana Hospital

From our friend Nolan Wright’s blog comes a good description of the work he is doing in the physical therapy department at the hospital.  I have many patients each day who need PT much more than they need medicine.  I am so glad that Nolan is here to help us.  Take a look at this his post titled Day at Work from their family blog Wrights in Peru. We are glad to have his Nolan, Konika, Benjamin, and Sydney with us.


Nolan with one of his patients.

More on Friends

Here is the post from the Diospi Suyana Hospital website announcing the arrival of Nolan, Konika, Benjamin, and Sidney.  An interesting story on how God led them to the hospital.  We are so glad they are here, because they are nice and we are always glad to have new friends.  Also, we really need a physical therapist.

Call today or not at all!

Nolan Wright and his wife Konika. In front, their children, Benjamin and Sydney.

Nolan Wright and his wife Konika. In front, their children, Benjamin and Sydney.

Diospi Suyana finally has a physiotherapist

28 of march 2013: Dentist Stephen Wright from Tennessee visited Diospi Suyana. He wants to see if this mission hospital could be the right field of activity for him and his family. As a matter of course for several years.  5 of April 2013: Dr. Stephen Wright writes Dr. John an e-mail. “Yes, I will come with my family as soon as possible to Curahuasi”. The second part of his email sounds interesting. His brother Nolan is a physiotherapist. He, too, could imagine a commitment to the mission.  Nolan Wright and his wife Konika have two children. They are looking for a home in the United States for four months. Now they have a suitable small home with a purchase agreement to be signed within in two days. Konika says: “If it were God’s will that we went for a few years to Peru, then Dr. John would have to contact within the next few days with us!” “No,” says her husband Nolan, “he would to have call us today.” Three hours later, the phone rings. It shows a call from a Dr. Klaus John in Peru. The house purchase did not come to pass. Instead Family Nolan Wright pack their bags.

After a four -month stay at a language school in Costa Rica, the Wrights are on site in Curahuasi. Yesterday was the first official working day of Nolan. We welcome Nolan and Konika and their children Benjamin and Sydney very much and wish you God’s blessing for their time in Peru.