Peru and Above – Introducing another medical missionary blog

We have some friends, Ryan and Kirsten Morigeau who are moving to Peru to work at Diospi Suyana Hospital in Peru.  They have an interesting blog describing their experiences as they move forward in the process of serving in Peru.  They are actually going to language school here in Costa Rica at a different language school.  We have met them only briefly at a bus stop in San Jose as they were traveling for a little recreation at the beach.  We are hoping to spend a little more time with them soon here in Costa Rica, but if not we have a few years to spend with them in Curahuasi.  If you are interested, look at their blog at Peru & Above.  They have a good description of Curahuasi, Peru which I have included below.  They also have a nice description of the Hospital Diospi Suyana.  They are from Portland, OR and they have caught the vision for serving the poor in Peru.  They are coming through World Medical Missions which is part of Samaratin’s Purse.  I am thankful for the Morigeau family who will be in Peru with us.   Continue reading