As Colorful As a Garden Flower – From Diospi Suyana

I have placed links to the Diospi Suyana website many times in the past.  Here is a link to a recent article regarding some of the beauty that surrounds the hospital.  They have recently had a water specialist visiting the town to give advice on how the pueblo could improve its water supply.  As the town leaders took the missionary to the mountains to show him their main water source, they took some pictures.  The result is the following link and article.

As Colorful As A Garden Flower


When you are in the Andes you should always carry a camera. There are so many beautiful things. Yesterday, a group from City Hall traveled up into the mountains to show engineer Bruce Rydbeck Curahuasi’s most important water sources.

Viewed from an altitude of 3500 meters, the landscape looks like paradise, as if out of a picture book. The Quechua Indians who live in the Andes sometimes live in an altitude of as high as 5000 meters. For the 30.000 inhabitants of the district of Curahuasi the trip to the hospital can take a full day.

The Quechua – The Last of the Incas

View the pictures below for a look at the people we will be serving in Peru.  In many ways it feels like going back in time.  I recently read a book ,The Last Days of the Incas, that explains the utter destruction of the Inca empire by the Spaniards and the desolation of the people immediately afterward.  In many ways, for those in the rural areas, things have not improved since then.  When reading the book, I was impressed by how much has been forgotten regarding the history and what was in the land – the cities, the roads, etc.  I think the worse thing forgotten was/is the people, and they have suffered.  I am glad to be working there to show them that God loves them, and I hope we can bring the compassion of God with us as we serve them humbly, as best we can.  (I am thankful for these pictures from the Diospi-Suyana website.)