Welcome Ari Cale

Glad to have Ari Cale here with us.  This is another person from America with whom we share some common history.  She is from Washington state, went to Harding University.  Of course with our Church of Christ background, that gives us a lot in common with her.  She did medical school in Ft. Worth, and then residency in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  So it is like we have been neighbors for years!  I grew up in Oklahoma, lived in Dallas and Washington state, and we went to Abilene Christian University.  (Right now in our little region of Apurimac there are at least 3 ACU graduates and 1 Harding graduate.  When we were at the Spanish Language Institute there were at times at least 7-9 of us who had been at ACU.  Way to go Christian university education!)  Back to Ari, she is also very thoughtful, enthusiastic about God and serving others, and she is someone who will make you think, especially in spiritual matters.  Ari, welcome to Curahuasi!  Also from the Diospi Suyana Hospital website.

Dr. Arianna Cale

Dr. Arianna Cale

Dr. Arianna Cale

We are thankful for our friends from the USA

Among the 52 long-term employees missionaries, we currently have five doctors and dentists from the United States. Yesterday was the first official working day of Dra. Arianna Cale, who graduating a few months ago in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her specialty is general practitioner, family medicine. In the next two years she will treat an approximately 6,000 to 8,000 patients at Diospi Suyana.  We wish our young colleague, success and God’s blessing in her mission medical work in Curahuasi.

The First 12 Days of United States Time (12 More to Go!)

Some pictures of what has kept us so busy during our time here in the United States.  There is so much pressure to try and do everything you would do in an entire summer in just three weeks.  Impossible, but fun to try!  These are from the first 12 days!

Great friends in Oklahoma

We went earlier this week to see my father and the Reid family in Edmond, Oklahoma.  Robert and Amy Reid are great friends from high school and graduate school respectively.  I like to take credit for getting them together, but they are both such attractive people they would have found each other anyway.  Robert owns a printing company with his brother and parents, and Amy is a physical therapist.  Between the two of them and their kids they make a great difference in so many lives, just as they make a great difference in our lives.  I have repeatedly called them with little notice over the years and they have offered us a place to stay in their home.  Robert makes about three times the amount of food we are able to eat at every meal, and we always leave stuffed and happy.  They have been great friends to our family and great supporters of us over the years.  I cannot help but brag on how great they are, and what a privilege it continues to be to count them as friends.  Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of them when we were at their house, but I did take some pictures of a restaurant called Pops which has almost every type of Soda you could hope to find.  It is located in Arcadia, OK where my Dad lives.  The kids think it is a lot of fun, and to be completely honest, so do I.