Quechua praise song

Annie and Sarah dressed in traditional Quechua gear.

Sarah and Annie dressed in traditional Quechua gear.

The following is a song in Quechua, one of the tongues proclaiming the glory of God around His throne, but a tongue which on Earth is a challenge for outsiders. Before moving to Peru, I thought that Quechua had something to do with Spanish, some unique dialect, but it is not so. They throw in lots of Spanish because they lack the word in Quechua, so a person can pick out a word or two now and then. Many people have lived here for years without learning much Quechua. However, one of our friends, a Washingtonian who lives in Abancay, can speak it fluently, even with the clicks, and it is so impressive.

The only words I know in this song are Dios, God, which is the same in Spanish, and Taytáy, which Sarah taught me is “father.” I can guess that the last word has something to do with service. Imagine it being sung in a whiny nasal voice with a lilting rhythm.  We hear a lot more Quechua music now that we live in town, and it is an acquired taste.  I’m glad to know it pleases God’s ears.

Yachachiway, Dios Taytáy

Sumaq qellqaykimanta,

Runamasiyman willamunaypaq

Kaypin kani, Dios Taytáy

Sonqoy ukhuman


Khuyakuyta yapaway

Sumaq simiykimanta,

Cheqneqniymanpas yachachinaypaq

Kawsayniytan qomuyki,

Qanpa munasqaykipi

Kawsanaykama servikusqayki


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