Dia de Independencia de Peru

We celebrated the Independence Day of Peru today.  As you may have seen on a previous post, the kids have been practicing a lot, six sessions of 2 hours over the past two weeks.  They were glad to finally show what they had been working on so hard.  We were at the Plaza de Armas at 8 AM, getting ready, making sure the uniforms fit well.  The kids marched after 11, so there was a lot of waiting.  I went to the hospital to see a patient in between the time the kids marched and it was my time to march with the hospital staff.  I think it is a story best told in pictures.  Click on the pictures below to see a slideshow of the parade.

Band Practice

The kids have been doing hours of band practice in anticipation of marching for Peru’s Independence Day celebration.  Six hours of practice a week for the past several weeks, and Sarah marches the entire practice with her classmates.  Monday is the big day, and  I am looking forward to hearing them in action as they march through the Plaza de Armas of Curahuasi.