I have been thinking on a post discussing our kids and what it means for them to grow up in a country other than the United States of America. I cannot relate to what their life is like as kids thrown into a school in a foreign language with a different manner of teaching the core studies. It is hard to imagine how they think about all of this. But I cannot get all the thoughts onto a page at this point. Maybe it is too delicate a subject to discuss. Maybe I have too many concerns about what affect it is having on our kids sense of identity. So as I scanned our photos looking for something that might be a good illustration for such a post, I came upon these of me with my two beautiful daughters, and it made me smile and think to myself that at least I hope they know their Dad thinks they are awesome! And I hope that they can find a center of their identity in knowing that their parents love them and even more that God loves them. Because the truth is that they will find their true identity in the love of God.