There are No Coincidences in God’s Kingdom

My pastor Agustin called. His daughter was crying when she urinated, and they were concerned she had a bladder infection. I was just on my way home from the hospital after attending an emergency, and I told I would turn right around and meet him there.  We all arrived around the same time, while another patient arrived with us.  This patient was very sick.  I walked into the emergency, took one look at him and I knew he had liver failure.  I said, “Do you know already he has liver failure?” and they said yes.  He was actually bleeding when he had bowel movements, and his abdomen had swollen greatly in the past month.  He was obviously a terminal case in one glance (and later his laboratory studies confirmed that he had end-stage liver failure, end-stage kidney failure, and a severe problem with his blood clotting).  As I worked on caring from him as well as Agustin’s young daughter, Agustin asked if he could talk to the patient.  I said it would be a very good idea to talk with him.  I later came back in to see this scene.

Agustin giving prayer and comfort to a man dying of liver and renal failure.

Agustin giving prayer and comfort to a man dying of liver and renal failure.

I don’t know the details of the conversation, but I know Agustin shares the gospel.  As Agustin walked out, he said to me “I think this is why God had us here tonight”.  I could not have agreed more.

The Gospel and Diospi Suyana


Thanks be to God that the good news of Jesus Christ is presented to the people who are interested to hear at Diospi Suyana Hospital.  Diospi Suyana means “We Trust in God” in Quechua, and the actions of the hospital demonstrate this.  Every morning there is a chapel service in the main hall of the hospital where several songs of praise are sung and a short gospel presentation is given.  I like that every morning begins with the recognition that all we are and all we do is in the hands of a God who loves us.