Cafe Caire

A couple weeks ago Allison had the idea of trying to create a night out for several of the young mothers that are missionaries here in Curahuasi.  There are two German women who have had their babies within the last months, and while there is support and friendship from the missionary community and the Quechua, it is not like being in your home country with a baby.  Those first several months have hard times, as all you mothers know.  So she came up with the idea of a restaurant night, and with the very strong encouragement of David, they worked to make it a reality.  We invited all the German parents who had kids to come to our house without their kids to eat at our restaurant.  The mothers with infants could bring their babies, and we would take care of them upstairs.  Allison and her friend Konika are experienced mothers, and they are good with infants.  The night was a blast.  We set up every table and chair we have, covered the tables with flowers and candles.  The kids dressed up in dark pants and light shirts, the girls in skirts.  We slicked the boys hair back, taught them how to take orders and serve as waitstaff, filling glasses, taking dirty dishes, and then we put everyone to work.  Allison and Konika cooked a bunch of bread, provided dipping oils, made a big italian dish, a choice of molten chocolate cake or key lime pie for dessert, and the restaurant was open.  Nolan played guitar for some live music, and Ari helped in the kitchen, and all the Germans were able to relax, talk in their native language by candlelight, and we hope have a very relaxing and fun time.  I was a proud husband and father watching the efforts of Allison and our kids while trying to help wherever I could.  Here are some pictures below from the evening.

Sound of Music Moment?

Taking a hike with Abo surrounded by Germans occupying a foreign land.  The difference is we came here, we are not trying to escape, and these Germans are here to serve, not to take over.  Faith in God makes the difference.