I took these photos before Christmas when I did a couple hour hike from our house with the boys.  We started up the hill, knowing that rain was a risk.  It always is during the rainy season.  From the top, it looked like we were going to be soaked, but the storms here travel like they do in Colorado.  Sometimes they look like they are coming right at you, and then they turn and follow another valley.  We stayed dry!  But unfortunately we cut our time short on the top as we left early expecting to get wet.  And poor David . . . I brought Sarah’s jacket for him instead of his own jacket.  You may notice that the raincoat looks a little small on him.  This vista is just on the other side of Curahuasi from our house, and it is not very far, less than 5 km.  The problem is the hike is straight up!  If you come to see us, we can take you easily, and whenever we get a car, we can drive relatively close if not all the way.