Caires in Africa

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

With great sincerity and thanks we hope that this email finds you doing well in every way, and if not, that you are finding peace in the love of God our great comforter. We are writing to provide an update on our ministry.

After much prayer and consideration, we believe that God is redirecting us from Peru to serve in Kenya at Kijabe Mission Hospital and Rift Valley Academy.

Why are we moving to Africa?

Medical education – Will is going to continue to be involved in patient care at Kijabe Mission Hospital, hoping and trying to serve the least of these in the name of Jesus Christ. However, he will have a new emphasis in medical education as he works to both train and disciple the next generation of Africa’s doctors. We believe this to be an effective way to have a sustainable impact on the work of God through medicine in Africa.

Missionary children education – Rift Valley Academy is a boarding school for missionary kids located in Kijabe. Allison plans to serve in this school, beginning this August, by teaching 9th grade English (yes, David will be one of her students). We are motivated to see that missionary kids receive as good an education as possible and that these kids feel cared for while they are so far from their parents.

Missionary care – We will be Regional Team Leaders for the Christian Health Service Corps in Africa. We know from experience the power of a personal visit to your mission home, and we envision that this role will involve some travel throughout the African continent to interact with the missionaries that CHSC has on the field. We want them to know that they are known and appreciated.

What are our next steps?

Lord willing, we will finish the school year in Dallas and move to Africa in July. We need to raise a little more support, both for one time moving expenses as well as for monthly living costs. If you know of people who might be interested in supporting us, could you share our story with them? We would be glad to visit. If you have stopped supporting us, would you consider supporting us again as we try to do the work of God in Africa? We plan to hold a couple of come and go afternoon coffees so that we can meet with many of you.  Look for an announcement via email and Facebook. Thank you for making it possible for us to dream and plan to go again.

Please pray for overwhelming peace, for God’s help in packing and transitioning, for wisdom and family unity.

Kijabe Hospital and Rift Valley Academy were both established over 100 years ago by Africa Inland Mission.  For more information you can go to Rift Valley Academy at and Kijabe Hospital at

Your friends in Christ,

Will and Allison

Visit from CHSC

Gastric Cancer, Gastritis, Parasites, Asthma, Hernia, Polycythemia Vera, Hypothyroidism, Motorcycle Wreck, Arthritis, Depression, Heart Failure, Hyperlipidemia, Bursitis, Concussion, Phimosis, Chronic Bronchitis among a few others.

Just another day in the rural mountains of Peru.

The lists are more impressive in other places.  I am very sure of this because there are parts of the world where there are fewer medical resources.  And there are good Christian doctors working in those areas.  Thank God for them.  And I want to thank God for our mission agency, the Christian Health Service Corps, that is working so hard to send doctors wherever God leads them in the world, from China, India and the east, south to Africa, and west to South America.  It is such an efficient use of resources, as they/we send doctors to already established organizations.  The money is well received, and direct patient care, community health and gospel evangelism is taking place with every dollar raised and spent.  This past weekend Greg Seager, the director of the mission agency came to Curahausi to assess our situation, to lend moral support, and to meet two of our newest CHSC missionary families who also happen to be our good friends the Nolan and Konika Wrights and the Stephen and Finley Wrights.  We showed Greg and his daughter Corinne around Curahuasi, Greg had a chance to meet with Dr. Klaus John, and we had a short orientation meeting with the Wright families at our house.  David began referring to Greg as the “king” of our organization, and would address him as “Our Majesty” which Greg seemed to take to quite naturally. 😉  It was nice to have them and to share with them what the work and life is like in Curahuasi.  If you want to come to see us, let us know.  We will keep you warm and well fed in our lovely home.

Greg sharing about CHSC

Greg sharing about CHSC

Why Healthcare Ministry?

Some information from the Christian Health Service Corps Facebook page:

Why Healthcare Ministry?

The Christian Health Service Corps was created because each day children are dying from a lack basic healthcare and prevention services. According to the World Health Organization (2010), two billion people in developing countries lack access to even the most basic medical or surgical care. Each year, lack of access to surgical care results in the deaths of 1.2 million people. Another 9,000,000 children between the age of 0 and 5 die because they lack access to even the most basic healthcare and prevention services. One can only imagine the heart break of a mother forced to say goodbye to a child simply because she lives in a place where the medical and surgical services much of the world takes for granted are not available. Another 360,000 families (about 1000 per day) are forced to say goodbye to young mothers in the prime of life for the same reason. That is the number of young mothers who die each year as a result of complications during pregnancy and childbirth, largely due to an absence of surgical services and other methods of inhibiting post-partum hemorrhage. Christian Health Service Corps physicians, nurses and their families are on the front lines fighting a battle to save the lives of children and young mothers around the world. It is your prayers and support that makes this work possible.

The Christian Health Service Corps has missionary health professionals serving (or will be serving in 2014) for two or more years in a growing list of countries which include: Honduras, Haiti, Peru, Pakistan, India, Ethiopia, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, and Zambia. Our healthcare professional specialties include: pediatric plastic/ pediatric craniofacial surgery, OB/GYN surgery, tropical medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, general surgery, pediatric surgery, dentistry and community health. In addition to providing disease prevention services and direct medical/ surgical care, a number of CHSC physicians teach in and direct residency programs that train local physicians. The need for such training programs cannot be overstated. In all of East Africa, there are only four hundred trained surgeons for a population of more than 200 million people. While some CHSC missionaries build capacity of the health systems, CHSC community health evangelism missionaries transform lives by build capacity of families to prevent disease and malnutrition with available resources.