John Wesley’s Holy Club Questions

John Wesley and Charles Wesley created a club while they were students at Oxford where they methodically tried to live out their Christian lives.  Apparently they were mocked as the “Holy Club” by their fellow students, yet despite this persisted in striving to live lives of holiness, generosity, and social consciousness.  Thanks to Scott Benedict for the heads up during chapel at school regarding this list.  The questions are worth reading and reflecting on as we examine how our lives express our devotion to God. Continue reading

Wait! There’s a baby in that bathwater!

Jesus is lifted up

Jesus is lifted up

Before writing further, I want to recognize that I have lots of cultural and personal blind spots.  Furthermore, when any person or group decides to celebrate any tradition one way, they will inevitably miss out on the pros of doing it another way.   This is just a little Santa Semana ruminating.

Yesterday morning we went to the local Catholic church to watch their Good Friday procession.  They left the church with the statue of Jesus carried by four young men and a host of costumed Roman guards.  Along the way they stopped for readings about the stations of the cross.  A statue of Mary came out of a side street to meet Jesus along the road of the passion.  Will and I both commented that it helps you to picture Jesus actually walking along a real street, carrying the cross, even though some of the other elements were distracting.   Continue reading