Chess at RVA

I appreciate the teachers and staff at RVA that encourage the kids in the normal things of life.  Peter looks hopeful in this picture as he takes on the highly regarded Mr. Tilly. A mountain of victory worth trying to summit.

RVA Library

Rift Valley Academy where Allison teaches and where our kids attend classes has a pretty unique library! Scan through some of the pictures below.

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Things found in the RVA Library.

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Multicultural Day

This was awhile ago, but the pictures are still a joy. All the people of the world living in peace. It is a great hope for the future, when all things are made right! We have so many countries represented at RVA.

Inspired by Evan Hansen

I’m sending pictures of the most amazing trees, You’ll be obsessed with all my forest expertise!

Term 2 Done

The kids are excited for a little bit of a break. We do a trimester system at RVA; the kids and Allison get a month off in December, April, and August. The hospital does not allow me the same. 😦