Retreat and Camping

Allison went on a women’s retreat for the women of Africa Inland Mission. They graciously invited all the women who worked at Rift Valley Academy and Kijabe Mission Hospital. So while she was away for the evening, I decided to take the kids camping. Nearby is Lake Naivasha, and while there you can hike, camp, swim, and sail. Often giraffes and water bucks will come through camp, and you will surely see a hippopotamus. And so we took advantage, drove the hour to get there, set up camp and spent a day relaxing by the lake.

Heading to camp.

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Heading out

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Setting up the tents.

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Getting the camp set.

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Enjoying the relaxation and the sailing.

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Dutch Blitz

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Lake Naivasha

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Time to head home.

Colobus Monkeys

This picture was taken by a friend here in Kijabe. (Ansley Kynes for those who wish to know). She timed it just right! The Abyssinian black-and-white colubus is my favorite local monkey. They don’t break into the house like the small monkeys, and they are not mean like the baboons. But what I love most about them is how they leap from tree to tree and how they welcome the dawn with their low pitched cry.

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About the Drought

A note from RVA . . .

Hi Team,

As we appreciate some rain, just wanted to send you an update from our 33 year rain records so you get some perspective on how dry it’s been so we can pray and sympathize with our neighbors who depend so much on rain.


Average rainfall for Jan. – April going back to 1986 (and what we have this year so far):


January average 2.95 inches (1.56 inches)


February 1.97 inches (0.43 inches)


March 4.02 inches (0.8 inches)


April 8.12 inches (1.46 inches)


May 6.4 inches (0.62 inches so fa


This after last year’s “short rains” were not exceptional either – below average for August – November (December was a little above average).


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Rainy season / Dry season

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Mortality on the Bike

It can hit you hard sometimes, especially on a bike. I have only been on my bike a few times since I returned to Kenya from our Christmas in the US. Each time I go home I gain a few pounds (maybe a lot of pounds). I cannot resist Mexican food and hamburgers. But usually when I get back I drop 10 pounds just because of the setting. I had accomplished the weight gain in the last trip, but for some reason the weight loss was not following our arrival to Kijabe. I did not want to ride my bike because it is so much harder to pull this weight up the long hills. If I could just lose a few, then the bike ride would be more fun. And so I kept delaying. But last weekend a friend sent out a text saying they were going to ride Awesome Sauce, probably my favorite ride in Kijabe. I could not resist the invitation. I joined them at the local dukas, and we headed up the first steep hill by the waterfall. I began in the front, but ended the climb at the rear. I quickly came to the front in the next two downhills, but then came the next very steep climb. My heart began to beat out of my chest, the sweat of my head turned icy, and the world became smaller and less stable. I couldn’t do it. I hopped off my bike to push up the hill as I soberly realized I was not going to be able to make the ride. I called ahead to my friend who was already out of sight and said I was turning back. David graciously accompanied me on a return trip with some great downhills, but with none of the excitement of Awesome Sauce. Getting older can be great in some ways, but physically it can hit hard. There is a lesson in here somewhere. It probably is that you should exercise regularly and watch your weight. 99d6eefe-314d-412a-bfd7-a69db2f2edd5