Visit to the USA

We will be visiting home this summer. David will start at Abilene Christian University in the fall as a freshman student. We are sad to see him go, but at the same time we are happy to drop him off in Texas to start the next independent phase of his life. To say he is ready to go is an understatement. We feel like we just left the US, which is true. After being in the US for 7 months during COVID, we are barely settled back in to life in Kijabe, and now we go back to Texas again. However, this visit will be much shorter. We arrive in mid July, and we go back to Kenya toward the end of August. During this time we believe we can see more people than we did last time home despite the brevity since laxer COVID restrictions should be more visit friendly. We hope to have at least 2 gatherings to share about the work in Kenya. We are eager to meet in person in smaller groups and even one on one. If you have a church or friend group that would be interested in helping to support us, would you please let us know. We are trying to increase our monthly support by around 1500 each month. That is not an insignificant amount, but with David now a university student our expenses have gone up. And because of the pandemic, the cost of living has gone up in Kenya. Finances are tight. We also have to renew everyone’s passports before we can fly back to Kijabe. We are hoping there is no delay in that process, as we have heard it can take longer than usual. It has been impossible to schedule an appointment in the US embassy in Nairobi due to the pandemic, and so we are hoping to fast track the renewals in the US. We also plan to take one last family vacation together before David leaves, and so it will be a busy time. Please keep us in your prayers as we also keep many of you in our own. These are challenging times for many, and our thoughts are with you.

2 thoughts on “Visit to the USA

  1. Let us know if we can host you to share your work with our Bible class. Would love to do what we can at The Branch to help increase your monthly support. Love you guys. Excited for David.

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  2. As soon as you know the dates, times and locations of planned gatherings please post them so we can choose one to attend, especially if you are near San Antonio. Your family is also welcome to stay with us, north of San Antonio in the area of Canyon Lake.

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